For years now, toward the end of the
calendar year and for a couple of
months into the new year, a "word" is
given or a new "prophet" is introduced
telling us this coming year is "Your
Year," and the promise is always
about the same . . .
'The Creator of the universe is going to
bless you materially and bring you into
the fullness you have envisioned and
desire . . .'  

These "words" are usually accompanied
with a request for an offering.
Real revivial is not an event that comes to town and leaves with the speaker.  
Revival brings change; spiritual change that is made manifest in our physical walk through this
Revival is a time of refreshment, and rededication that brings reconciliation and restoration.  
In these last days, there is no time to waste on distractions!
If you're tired of those empty
"New Year's prophecies" that
don't come to pass any more
than a New Year's Resolution
is successful, you are not

Many of us long for a revival
and I believe one is coming,
but it's not going to look like
many are expecting it to look.